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Delta Tau Delta

Nicknames: Delt, the Delts

At Delta Tau Delta, we emphasize the idea of maintaining your priorities. Between your academics, social life, community service, and everything in between, it should be all in balance. We use our four main values- Truth, Courage, Faith, and Power- to help us become better men.


We rejoined campus in 2013, which means our fraternity is a relatively smaller one on campus. With this, it means our relationships with one another are even stronger. Any member of ours can tell a time spent with any other member. Our mission statement, ‘Committed to lives of excellence,’ brings home the idea that a fraternity is not only impactful for your time at Iowa, but for the rest of your life.


Since our recharter, we have shown great growth as a chapter while keeping strong brotherly bonds. We also have received top chapter GPA numerous times since our recharter which shows our strive for academic excellence. Rah Delt.

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