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Phi Gamma Delta

Nicknames: FIJI

Phi Gamma Delta has been on Iowa’s campus for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest standing chapters on campus. Our brothers have always taken a tremendous amount of pride in scholarship and service in the community. Our annual Rivalry Run philanthropy continuously raises $12,000+ for the USO and has shown its commitment to education by earning top GPA in 4 of the past 5 semesters. Outside of philanthropy events and academics, you can find our brothers continuing traditions such as ski trips, intramural sports, brotherhood events, date parties, and spring break trips. Also, our chapter has the longest-standing annual graduate brother event in the history of Greek life: Pig Dinner. For Pig Dinner, our strong graduate relations are on full display as graduate brothers of all ages return to campus to celebrate with the undergraduate brothers. Our motto of "Not for college days alone" is held strongly in our hearts. We ensure to display the importance of this today, and will continue to each day of our lives. Good luck with recruitment and we look forward to meeting you guys! For more info check out @iowafiji

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