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Phi Gamma Delta

Nicknames: FIJI

When asked about his experience in FIJI, Former President Anthony Gallegos said,

"Ever since I went to the first FIJI rush event my freshmen year of college, I always knew it was where I wanted to be. The gentlemen of Phi Gamma Delta asked me about my values, goals, and what makes me who I am. I could tell right away that this group of individuals care and they truly want to develop each other. Ever since then I have had the opportunity to be apart of Phi Gamma Delta and be a leader in Phi Gamma Delta. Being a Phi Gam means striving for excellence in every endeavor that you may come upon. It means that you will forever hold yourself to the highest standard possible and will forever pursue a lifetime of knowledge. It means that you will always remember how Phi Gamma Delta impacted you and how it made you a better individual. Joining Phi Gamma Delta made me the individual I am today and it will forever continue to shape my future."

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