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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I choose to continue virtually during the in-person days, will that limit my ability to receive a bid?

A: Absolutely not! Our chapters are prepared to recruit virtually and want to give all potential new members an equal chance at membership and an equitable experience. You will be just as considered as those who do attend in-person.


Q: What if I change my mind and fraternity life isn’t for me? 

A: No worries, we all understand that Greek Life isn’t for everyone. If that is the case, there are plenty of other Student Organizations offered at the University of Iowa.


Q: What is the best fraternity?  

A: Obviously, most people will talk about their own chapter first and why they are different. But we truthfully don’t have a perfect chapter on campus, that is why we have 17 chapters. We are all different and unique in our own ways with different focuses on philanthropies, community service events, brotherhoods, majors, backgrounds, etc. 


Q: Do you guys haze?  

A: We have a zero-tolerance anti-hazing policy in place here at the University. If you experience hazing or have any questions about hazing, please reach out to a member of the IFC Executive Council. 


Q: If I join your fraternity, can I join another one?  

A: If you get initiated with one fraternity, you are not able to join another social fraternity. However, you can join an academic/professional fraternity and still be in a social fraternity.


Q: If I show up to all of someone’s events, does that mean I will get a bid from them or that I have to join?  

A: Just because you show up to someone’s events, does not mean that you will be extended a bid. But on the other hand, just because you go to someone’s events and you do get a bid from them, you do not have to accept their bid. 


Q: My parents do not like the idea of fraternities and sororities, what can I tell them?  

A: One of the greatest arguments for joining a fraternity or sorority is that it satisfies the fundamental need to belong. Joining a fraternity or sorority will help to connect you to a group of peers with similar values. Feeling connected will make you more satisfied with your college experience and therefore more likely to succeed and graduate. The Fraternity and Sorority Life website and the chapter advisor and/or FSL staff are great resources to help address the concerns of your parents.

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