Recruitment Fall 2021 schedule:

September 9th - September 15th (All times listed in CST)


Prior to Recruitment:

  • It is highly encouraged you browse the official IFC Recruitment website. On this website you can find the following:

  • Chapters tab: Videos and information about each of our members chapters.

  • FAQ tab: Common questions and answers surrounding Recruitment.

  • IFC Executive tab: Contact information for any of the IFC Officers.

  • Information tab: Important dates and times, links, and other important information for you to be successful.

  • Feel free to also check out this website for more information.

  • After looking at your schedule each day, please inform Jake Peavy if you have a class conflict. It is not appropriate for you to miss class for recruitment.


PNM Orientation: Thursday, September 9th at 6:00pm (Virtual): MANDATORY

  • Informational Zoom session for potential new members to hear requirements to be a part of a fraternity, introductions of councils, information about Recruitment, as well as a guest speaker!

    • You will have to login using your HawkID and password.

  • We will be starting right at 6:00pm so be sure to join early.

  • It is also required you stay for the entire time. This will be checked at the end.

  • This is REQUIRED. You will not be allowed to receive a bid if you do not attend.


Day 1: Friday, September 10th, 4:00-8:00 PM (Virtual)

  • You will go to the chapter of your choice throughout the available hours.

    • You will find the Zoom Links to each chapter’s event on CampusDirector in the message of the day, which should be on your landing page. To get there, go to

  • It is on you as a PNM to manage your time and make your way to any chapter you wish to visit. Make the most out of this and visit as many chapters as you want!

    • Pro Tip: Try to make it to as many chapters as possible. All of our chapters are unique, and you may be surprised with who you connect with!

  • Log on to your UIowa Zoom, and click on the Zoom Link to attend the meeting! (The meeting ID will work too!)

  • After the first day of recruitment, PNMs will use Signup Genius to pick 6 chapters to meet over zoom for the third day of recruitment during a specific time slot. You will find this link at 8PM in the message of the day on CampusDirector.

    • The Signup Genius for Sunday’s events will be due Saturday the 11th by 10 AM.

  • The chapters you choose are the ONLY chapters you can attend on Sunday.

  • Once you fill out the SignUp Genius, you will receive an email from SignUp Genius with your schedule you chose. Make sure you keep that for reference.




Day 2 (Break Day): Saturday, September 11th:

  • This is our break day for recruitment. Take time to reflect on the chapters you’ve spoken with.

  • For the next day (virtual) You will use signup genius to pick 6 chapters of your choice to visit. This is due by 10 AM. YOU MAY ONLY ATTEND THESE CHAPTERS ON DAY 3 OF RECRUITMENT.

  • Chapters are NOT to contact you on this day. If they do, please report them to Jake Peavy at





Day 3: Sunday, September 12th, 3:00-6:00 PM (Virtual) 

  • By 10 AM, you will receive an email with the link for your events that day.

  • You will go to the chapters you’ve signed up to attend via SignUp Genius.

  • You will go to each chapter in accordance with your schedule. After the 30 minute mark, you will be asked to move on to the next chapter. Please follow your schedule! Chapters will know who to expect and will only allow in those who are on their lists that day.

  • Feel free to log on a few minutes early to make sure your Zoom works.

  • Log on to your UIowa Zoom, and click on the Zoom Link for your chapter in your email to attend.

  • For the next day (in-person) You will again use Signup Genius to pick 3 chapters of your choice to visit. YOU MAY ONLY ATTEND THESE CHAPTERS ON DAY 4 OF RECRUITMENT.

    • The SignUp Genius Link will be in the Message of the Day on CampusDirector.

    • It will be made available at 6 PM. You have until 8 PM to access!

    • You will have the option to choose to continue tomorrow virtually or in-person on Monday. Please choose the corresponding option in Signup Genius!



Day 4: Monday, September 13th, 4:00-7:00 PM (In-person)

  • You have the option to choose to attend this day in person or virtually.

    • If there is a change in circumstance and you need/want to adjust your choice either to in-person or to virtual, please email McKenzie Sauer at

  • By 10 AM, you will have received a schedule via email with the schedule and locations for the day.

  • You will attend to the chapter’s events you selected over signup genius throughout the available hours. YOU MAY ONLY ATTEND THESE CHAPTERS ON THAT DAY.

  • You will go to chapters through 1-hour increments. After the hour is up, you will be directed to move to the next organization as listed on your schedule.

  • There will also be a zoom option for anyone that cannot participate in in-person recruitment at the IMU or are more comfortable continuing to engage virtually.

  • After Day 4, chapters will begin extending preference night invitations via Campus Director. You should receive these no later than 12 PM on September 14th.



Day 5 (PREFERENCE NIGHT): Tuesday, September 14th, 6:00-9:00 PM (Hybrid)

  • You have the option to choose to attend this day in person or virtually.

    • If there is a change in circumstance and you need/want to adjust your choice either to in-person or to virtual, please email McKenzie Sauer at

  • Chapters will hold 2 separate sessions and can invite PNM’s that they wish to invite to their preference night. You will have received these preference night invitations via CampusDirector.

    • If you did not receive an invitation, you have unfortunately been released from the recruitment process. It is possible to also only receive one invitation.

  • You will be able to choose up to 2 chapters to attend, but you can only attend 1 preference night session per chapter. In other words, you may not stay at one chapter from 5-8.

    • Session 1: 5:00 - 6:30 PM

    • Session 2: 6:30 - 8:00 PM

  • You must accept your preference night invitations no later than 2 PM.

  • After preference night: Chapters will begin extend bids to you over Campus Director beginning at 10 AM Wednesday. Take this time for you to reflect on your options and make the best choice for a chapter that fits the experience you want.



Day 6 (BID DAY): Wednesday, September 15th, 5 PM (Hybrid)

  • Bids will have been sent out by prior to 5 PM this day.

    • It is possible to not receive a bid. If this is the case, you have unfortunately not been selected to join a fraternity at this time.

    • It is also possible to receive more than one bid. But you may only choose one for membership.

  • You will view and accept your bid on Campus Director. Make sure you are choosing the correct chapter before you press accept!

  • Bid day will be held in the IMU ballroom. Please be there no later than 5 PM!

  • Prior to walking into the ballroom, you must sign your gold card certifying the chapter you have chosen. There will be a table to sign gold cards before you walk in.