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Alpha Delta Phi

Nickname: ADPhi, Alpha Delts

Alpha Delta Phi (Alpha Delts) is one of the oldest and prestigious fraternities in the United States. Founded in 1832 at Hamilton College, Samuel Eells sought to create a fraternity that would promote friendship, morality, and literature among its members.


In 2023, a founding class of 40 members came together at the University of Iowa to establish Alpha Delta Phi with a common mission: to cultivate a community of diverse individuals who share a strong desire for excellence in social, ethical, leadership, scholastic, community service, and literary endeavors. We envision a brotherhood where members are inspired to uphold the highest standards of integrity, compassion, and excellence at all times. 


Becoming a member of a Greek letter organization is a profound and life-altering choice that deserves careful consideration. Beginning in 1832, more than 50,000 men have embarked on the journey to become lasting brothers of Alpha Delta Phi. 


To learn more about Alpha Delta Phi click here: Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity | Our History

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