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Delta Sigma Phi

Nicknames: Delta Sig, D-Sig

Delta Sigma Phi is one of Iowa's newest social fraternities. We have been on campus for just under 3 years and have already achieved multiple major accomplishments. The first of those accomplishments being that this Fall we are moving into our first chapter house located at 308 Ridgeland Avenue in fraternity circle.


Another accomplishment we have achieved is that we have received our national charter and designation as the Iota Sigma chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. As a Delta Sig, you would have the unique opportunity to shape the future of a social fraternity into something that you have only imagined before arriving to Iowa.


The foundation we have established thus far is focused on building better men, and living better lives. Our brotherhood, social events, action in the community, and involvement on campus are just a preview of what you can expect from Delta Sigma Phi!

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