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Pi Kappa Phi

Nickname: Pi Kap

116 years ago seven men joined together to form the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi. These men founded this fraternity on loyalty, commitment, achievement, accountability, and involvement. Now with 186 active chapters and over 132,000 lifetime members all over the world have embodied these values into their career and life including Brothers, Tommy Lasorda, Randy Owen, Rich Eisen, Lindsey Graham, and Jimmy Tatro.


Here on Iowa’s campus we have 82 brothers who all do what it takes to be a Pi Kappa Phi man. Being the only Greek organization to own and operate its own philanthropy, The Ability Experience, we all strive to make things more accessible to those with disabilities. Philanthropy along with brotherhood, common loyalty, citizenship, and inclusiveness, are the overwhelming values of a brother in this fraternity. 


If you're interested in becoming a Pi Kapp, don't hesitate to reach with any questions to

President Kusai Contractor at (630)-506-1940 or  

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